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Season 2 Episode 10 : Season 2, Episode 10 - OCDmented

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis is a real estate speculator known as the star of the Bravo series "Flipping Out,'' in which he buys and renovates luxury houses before selling them for a profit as well as serves as a consultant for clients' home design projects. Now, he moves into his clients' homes and serves as a home therapist along with his assistant, Jenni, and his loyal housekeeper, Zoila. The trio takes over a home to not only redesign the space but also the homeowners' lives. After observing the homeowners, Lewis diagnoses their problems with a goal of improving them inside and out.



Directors: Jeff Lewis

Countries: US

Quality: DVD

Views: 10

Release: 2012

Runtime: 43


IMDb: 8.1